Outlaws With Style, In A Class All Their Own by Palmkite

"It gets pretty lonely being Etta Place, denied her one request.  I had to watch you die, then I had to watch you come back as something less than alive.  But who am I to say that’s true?  No, the only thing I’ll say about this body with your name, it isn’t /you/ and I, living the high life.  We both knew that it would have to end someday.  But I thought we’d both die, leaving no one here to deal with the regrets.  My undead friends, you’re so hard to look at.  Sometimes your faces make me forget that most of us aren’t yet where we had hoped we’d be.  But our ranks are growing thinner.  A couple more die every winter and they can’t remember who they were before the freeze.  My undead friends, you’re so hard to look at.  Sometimes I wish that I could forget, we’re nowhere near as hopeful as we used to be but there’s a chance this is temporary, we’re not fucking done until we’re dead and buried and I’m not giving in until you come back home to me.  So I’m sitting on the front porch waiting.  Come on darling, the light is fading and i wish you’d come back home so I could get some sleep."

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Posted 1 year ago on Friday 22 February 13.
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