If pop punk continues down this path of “woe is me, the girl didn’t like me” it’s going to end up as the official genre of fedora wearing “nice guys”. Fucking quit it.

finally someone said it

pop punk is the pansy ass fedoralord bronies of music

Exclusive Stream: CityCop – “Glass Bones”


Today we do not have a case of the Mondays. That is because New Noise Magazine is doing an exclusive stream of our song “Glass Bones” Off of our upcoming release, ‘Loner’. Today also marks the day that you can pre-order the record via Flannel Gurl Records. With the pre-order comes an exclusive shirt as well. We hope you guys enjoy, we have worked very hard to make this record happen, and we are extremely grateful that we are finally sharing it with everybody.

Pre-Order ‘Loner’ Here:

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It is damned difficult not to feel anything.

Vincent van Gogh, from The Complete Letters (via victoriajoan)